08 января 2011

New Year,new life and something or somebody old.Its good and difficult mix)
This new year I spend with my friend Jane in her house neat a small city Istra.I ¬ve spent really good time: twice we were going at the cinema.
The first was TRON.Legacy.It was great.Special effects and bright colours!!Besides there was  a pretty actor in the main role.He is good-looking)) 

 Daft Punk made all sonds for this film,i love them sinse i`ve heart thier trak "Harder,better,stronger"
The second was The Nutcracker.I hoped that this film wouldn't be so "for child",but it was.
Few days ago the weather was really cold and it was snowing a lot,but it was so beautiful!!!There is a photo.
And at the end -my new year`s look!U-la-la!!

High-heels- from my prom,i don't remember where  i bought them 

5 комментариев:

  1. платье очень нравится

    строговатое,но женственное)


  2. а мне нравится образ..))
    этакая Надя из Иронии Судьбы ;)
    (если я имена не спутала гл.героини)

  3. спасибо спасибо
    платье на самом деле очень открытое.спина практически голое и на цвет оно серебристое такое

  4. ты очаровашка! платье сидит идеально! кудряшки тебе очень идут!!!